Create a habit

Add a new habit

Click on the plus icon to start creating a new habit.

Select the days you want the habit to be repeated on

If you want the habit to appear automatically on the daily view, add days on when you would like the habit to be repeated on.

Create a deadline

Add an end date for when you want the habit to finish. This can be useful if you are preparing for an event.

Add an end goal

Generally, it is said that it takes a mean of 66 days for a habit to become automated, which could be an end goal. Another tips would be to create a small habit that is easy to start and do and where the end goal would be a shorter streak which would be easier to accomplish. Then a new and more diffucult habit could be created, building on top of the previous.

Track habits

The daily view

On the daily view you can se all your habits for a specifik day. It is also possible to add habits onto a specifik day by dragging the habits on the left side on to the daily view (on the web app) or by clicking on the lower right button (on the mobile app).

Progress indicator

If you have selected an end goal, the progress indicator will show a green line on how much is left, and if selecting an end date, it will be visualised as a grey line.

Add notes

While tracking your habits, you might want to add notes on what went well or what could have been improved. You can also add notes to future moments, for example if you want to plan ahead.

Organize your habits

View all your habits

Get an overview of all your habits and sort the habits on the habit page by pressing and dragging a habit.

Synced in the cloud

Get access to your habits anywhere by using the web or mobile app, and no worry for the data to be lost. The data is real-time synced over a secure, encrypted connection.