• Online web app for Habitory

    Today we are proud to say that we have released our online web app for Habitory! Now it is easier to use Habitory to start tracking your habits. Go to the web app.

  • Our Habit tracker app on Android is launched on Google play

    We have now launched our habit tracking app on Android after a lot of hard word. It is a simple habit tracker to track your daily and weekly habits.

    The idea with the first version of the app is to get response from users and receive feedback. A common pitfall is that otherwise, when developing a product, you take to much time developing features nobody wants.

    Our vision is that the app is going to be an easy and intuitive way of tracking habits. A main feature for the app is that a habit can be tracked whenever anyone wants and thereby you don’t have to set up days on when the habit should be repeated. And if you have the habit repeated, you can perform the habit more.

    Screenshots of the habit tracking app

    In the mobile, because of the small screen size, it is challenging to display multiple habits and multiple days in the same view and thus we have incorporated a daily view instead. We have also a progress line (the one in green and grey). The thought with this is to visualize a streak to motivate someone to continue. For now, the grey line represents the days left if a due day is set and the green line represent how much is left before reaching a target streak or total completions.

    An important point is that a streak on a phone, or any device, could take away the intrinsic motivational force. What is important in the end is that the person can see the benefits in their real life, and that that is what motivates the person and keeps the person going. So, a habit tracker should be viewed as a tool and aid in starting and maintaining meaningful habits. Adding notes while tracking ads reflection and also more meaningfulness to the tasks.

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