Habit tracking made simple

Habitory is a habit tracker that helps track your habits in a simple way. Available online and on Android.

Organize your habits

Organize your habits and create the habits you want. Review your habits daily and see what you've planned for yourself today.

Syncronize between devices

Syncronizes your habits between your devices in real time so that you can access them from anywhere. Never lose your data again.

Daily, weekly & monthly

Repeat a habit every day, week and/or month, or whenever you want, you decide.

Why habits are great

We usally just see the end result of what people have accomplished, but are not aware of the massive action that has been undertaken.

Setting goals is just one piece of the pussel, but relying on them too much to motivate us can often lead to quitting when not seeing any results.

And that's where habits are great beacause they operates automatically. By creating the right habits, you will have a systematicall approach to achieve what you want.


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