How to start a new habit

Published April 2, 2022 & last updated April 16, 2022.

Hi! Let's talk about how to start a new habit. Starting a new habit is difficult for most of us, so going through some steps helps make it easier.

How to start a new habit

What do you want to do?

Eat more healthily, read more, exercise more... even though these examples are great, they only vaguely describes what should be done and don't describes which tasks should be performed. When have you eaten more healthily, read more, and exercised more? It's hard to tell. But they are great goals to strive for! Let's make it more concrete.

Some more precise definitions of a habit could be eating a cooked meal every day, reading 10 pages daily, and exercising every Tuesday and Thursday.

Why do you want to do this? Why is this important?

Let's face it, even though the habit that we have decided is good for us, there will always be days where we will be unwilling to do them and perhaps also consider skipping a day because we feel that it's not that important. I'll do it tomorrow instead.

If we go back to our more abstract terms of a habit, let's take exercise more as an example. Here we can ask ourselves why we want to do it? What are the benefits? Perhaps it's because you want to stay healthy, get free from disease, or participate in a competition.

Make it easy to do the habit

Don't start doing a very complex habit immediately, rather this is something that develops over time. When a habit starts to become difficult and extensive, then it's better to divide the habit into smaller more manageable habits. It all comes down to whether you're doing the habit or not. If everything works fine, great, keep doing it! If not, make some tweaks.


  • Define the habit in a clear way, what should be done and when.
  • Why is this habit important?
  • Make it easy to do the habit.


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